CICM offers globally and industry recognized certifications and professional programs to equip individuals with the skills and professional recognition they need to really drive sales through service excellence in their organizations.

Certification Programs offered by CICM

Certified Call Centre Practitioner (CCCP)
Certified Customer Service Practitioner (CCSP)
Certified Customer Service Trainer (CCST)
Certified Mystery Shopper (CMS)

CICM Education Services

It delivers qualifications for practicing and aspiring customer services and call center professionals that are recognized internationally.

Why gain professional qualifications from CICM?
• Join the other 5000 plus professional in studying CICM courses.
• Our programs are endorsed by most of the respectable industry players across the globe.
• All CICM courses are accredited and recognized internationally
• Our practical and innovative course programs will equip you with tools to create customer centered experiences for you and your organization.
• Our programs have a practical approach with a focus global best practices and current trends in call centers and customer services
• Our program fees include work books, program manuals, and mentoring.
• You will have ample opportunity to interact, one-on-one, with our expert facilitators, or to study online with expert guidance of professionals with years of experience.
• Our programs are also designed for people working full-time.
How to Apply
Look for the nearest CICM study partners/centers and apply for your selected programs Due to the limited numbers required per class and per country, places are limited. A detailed application must be completed and forwarded to CICM to determine placement. Qualifications, experience and references will be checked prior to acceptance of candidates and processing of course fees.
Contact us today to learn more about the course, to obtain an application, or learn more about our customized certification programs.

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