The Chartered Institute of Customer Management (CICM) is a global training Institution that inspires the highest standard of professionalism in all aspects of business. It is a global board for customer service and call center professionals .It is currently represented in three continents .

CICM highly experienced team and  its Regional Office based in South Africa.CICM expands its presence across Africa through national partners .Beyond academic and professional certification programs, CICM offers a wide range of other programs that advance the customer service and call center profession including, research, publications, consultancies and service excellence awards.


Satisfaction: We strive to offer value that exceeds our customers’ expectations. We acknowledge and honor the diversity of our stakeholders; our products and services are driven by the needs of our stakeholders. We engage and respect the opinions of our clients in the conduct of our duties and we abide by the laws of the countries we operate in thus achieving total satisfaction.

Trust: We trust our people, our stakeholders and our business partners and we will not compromise our principles for expedience as we abide by our profession’s code of ethics.

Positivity: We value research and development as a corner stone of our products and services. We believe in continuous improvement of our products and stakeholders. We bench mark our products and services against national and international best practice. We support and allow our team to dream.