About CICM

Chartered Institute for Customer Management is a renowned customer service and call centre organisation with its head offices in the UK and regional head offices for Africa in South Africa. CICM is present in 14 countries and represented all over the world through its global implementation and certification partnership network. CICM aims to inspire the achievement of the highest standards of professionalism in all aspects of customer service in every international market. CICM has a knowledgeable and highly experienced team, call centre and customer service experts on a strategic advisory panel and experienced worldwide partnership offering its educational and certification programmes. TICSI is leading the field in global best practice in customer service and service quality.CICM is an innovative and progressive organisation that is the global customer service excellence and call centre thought leader. As CICM we built quality partnership and use our operational expertise to create value for our members, partners, stakeholders; industry and countries at large. Besides offering various academic and certification programmes, CICM publishes the monthly journal “The Customer Journal” which is distributed globally with contribution from leading international industry thought leaders, academic and research institutions. Each year CICM rewards leading organisations and individual’s exceling in customer service in Africa with Services Excellence Awards.

Our Vision
To advance the practice of customer management, develop people, standards, call centre industry, and promote excellence in service delivery.

The ZICM was founded with the following initial aims:
• To promote customer service as a profession and to improve the level of its professionalism through training, assessment, accreditation and certification.
• To provide people working directly or indirectly in customer service (Public or Private sector), with the education and professional standards that will enable them to reach their full potential in their chosen field.
• To develop and promote the International Customer Service Standards which will help organisations develop and sustain a customer ethos through improvements to the design, delivery, quality and effectiveness of customer service strategies, policies and systems.
• To improve knowledge of the components of customer service excellence through research, training and development programmes, publications, awards, and events.
• To facilitate the exchange of customer service and call centre ideas through Workshops, conferences, forums and monthly discussion groups
• To advocate and strive to make Customer care more visible and understood by policy makers, other practitioners and the community as a whole
• To facilitates the participation of continental individual members and corporate entities on the global industry events.

Guiding principles

Quality and Standards
The CICM sets as one of its aims the desire to develop self-regulating standards for organisations. This shall apply to both standards pertaining to the development of the call centre/customer service industry and standards pertaining to the conduct of the CICM members.
In enforcing the quality and standards and cultivating best practices within the industry in which the CICM serves, recognition through Annual Customer Service Excellence Awards will be accorded. It is through wide recognition that the CICM is able to develop and improve the standards of the industry.
The CICM shall position itself in the forefront of development and progress. It is the responsibility of office holders, students and members to continually keep abreast with market, technology, human resource and operational issues. Inertia, complacency and stagnation run counter to the entire CICM philosophy.

Public Interest
As the customer services and call centre industry is required to deal with the general public and places, as one of its objective, to better manage customers, it is necessary that members bear in mind the needs and sentiments of the public. The CICM is responsible to ensure that students and members conduct themselves with utmost professionalism and that the public is informed of the right conduct.
CICM is maintained to provide services to its students, customers and the industry. Such services may come in the form of: vendor supplier information, provision of other crucial information, industry and market surveys; training; consultation; public service; and support.
The ZICM undertakes, as part of its on-going aim to raise the awareness and standards of the call centre and customer service industry and business applications, to provide members and non-members alike with customer service open forums, seminars, training workshops and research documents. Educational and certification programmes offeredby Chartered Institute of Customer Management shall bear in mind the needs of the industry and individuals and provide forums pitched at different levels to meet these needs.
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