Hon Bimha to unveil the 2016 National Customer satisfaction Index

Hon Minister Michael Bimha is to unveil this year’s edition of the Zimbabwe Customer Service Week, and National Customer Satisfaction Index report at the annually held customer service week breakfast meeting.

The Contact Centre Association of Zimbabwe (CCAZ) has been at the forefront of organizing the Zimbabwe Customer Service Week for the past five years in partnership with South African based Chartered Institute of Customer Management (CICM), Financial Gazette and Consumer Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ).

Customer Service Week is an international event devoted to recognizing the importance of customer service and to honoring the people who serve and support customers with the highest degree of care and professionalism. The Customer Service Week celebrations are annually held in over 80 countries including Zimbabwe.

In the past years, a CSW Brand expo and free customer service training for public transport operators and vendors was done in partnership with City of Harare during the Customer Service Week. However, this year CCAZ has planned a different programme for the first week of October. The major highlights of this event being the 5th of October were Hon Minister Bimha will officially unveil the Index report and the customer service week with a breakfast meeting to be held at Rainbow Towers Hotel. The weeklong celebrations will be concluded with the comedy night which will be held on the 7th of October at Reps Theatre in Belgravia. The Customer Service Week is becoming a significant event on the national and international calendar as there is growing importance of customer service as a tool for business and economic sustainability.

The Zimbabwean Customer Satisfaction Index (ZimCSI) is an independent industry-wide research and national benchmark of customer satisfaction of the service quality, customer experience and services available to household consumers in Zimbabwe. ZimCSI data allows companies to reach informed decisions about current products offering, customer service delivery and services quality and also make projections about trends under consideration. It’s a tool for managers to improve customer experience, build loyalty and a means to evaluate competitors and evaluate own service offering in line with current trends and consumer preferences. According to Tov Manene from Select Research the index research will cover the period Sept 2015 – Sept 2016. He further alluded that 10 000 copies of questionnaires were distributed across the country. The South African based Chartered Institute of Customer Management and Select Research one of the leading research companies in Zimbabwe, were the lead researchers who compiled the NCSI report.

“We will ensure that in all the future ratings we will also collect feedback from the rural areas across the country to ensure that the data is all inclusive and capturing all the markets. We will also include other sectors omitted in this inaugural research”, said Dr Ricky Harris who is the CEO of Chartered Institute of Customer Management as she highlighted how crucial this this survey is for any country.

In the same respect, Rinos Mautsa who is a Customer Service expert also alluded that the National Customer Satisfaction Index  is a noble initiative which will not only help to provide benchmarking data but will also stimulate competition premised on customer experience and service improvement in Zimbabwe.